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Ideally grandparents can teach so much. They can teach a love of things Maori in a very personal way that no one else can. Because parents can be busy with providing day to day needs, they often do not have the time to listen to a child. Grandparents are usually in slower mode. They can take the time to really listen and impart that love of things.

Dr Cherryl Waerea-i-te-rangi Smith

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People who have complex chronic conditions seem to accept that it’s part of their life. What they’re really interested in is their families, their social activities and the other things that they do. People manage to compromise and do things the best they can. And that’s what I’ve learned too. I’ve learned that you’ve got to just get on with it.

Dr Ngaire Kerse

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So far, my strength has come to good use and we have both done a lot of digging, sweating and stacking, but adapting tasks, developing strategies? Who am I kidding? He’s been adapting tasks and developing strategies since before I was born.


Mary Felix Tu

Our younger generation are our investment for the future of our culture. If we don’t invest, we will have a sad story to tell in 20 years’ time. We won’t lose our culture but I don’t think we will keep the true value of who we are. And before you can be anything in the world, you’ve got to know who you are, have pride, and accept yourself.


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Just last weekend I taught kids whose families never dreamt their children would ever be able to ski. It’s all worth it when you see the smiles on the kid’s faces.


We’re on the lookout for GITs!

Going it Together, or GIT as we like to call it, is the theme of this year’s Boomers campaign. We’re looking for stories about adventurous NZ-based baby boomers who are thinking outside the box of downsizing or living alone when it comes to housing options.

The stories will be published on this website. Do you know anyone who has decided to home share, go flatting together, become part of a co-housing venture, or is creating a niche community of shared interests with like-minded people? If so, please get in touch via email.

Connecting the generations

Positive intergenerational relationships can be beneficial for everyone. They can strengthen families and communities and counter negative stereotypes of ageing.

For older people, sharing their skills and experience with a different generation can increase self-worth and general wellbeing and also help reduce social isolation. Younger people learn to understand and appreciate older adults, along with acquiring new skills.

See how these down-to-earth Kiwis share their time, skills and energy within their families and in their communities.

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The Dallows

The Dallows are a West Auckland family that play together and stay together: on stage and in real life. 

Mary Felix Tu

The Mamas 

Mary is "officially" retired, but it’s hard to imagine this energetic Cook Islands mama ever slowing down.

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The Delhi Village

Delhi Village is a cluster of houses in various stages of completion set on 12.8ha of former dairy farm.

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Kev & Hugh

Kev’s a man of few words. He won’t tell you this himself, but he has made a huge difference to people’s lives.

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SuperGrans Manawatu manager Kim Penny says the group shares skills and knowledge between generations and across communities.

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The sandwich generation

Jo Beck laughs when she thinks of her earlier fantasies of herself in retirement. The actual picture includes rather different priorities.

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Kirsten & Eddie

Student Kirsten discovers that classroom theory flies out the window when it comes to helping her 80-year-old father make a major change.

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Raising mokopuna

Josie might be forgiven for wanting a little time to herself now she’s 67 and have a bit of a rest from full-on parenting. But no.